Original Credit Summer School
In Washington County School District

June 3 – July 26

Welcome to Utah Online Summer School High School Program. We are excited to share the summer with you and work towards graduation!
Important Information-

  1. Dates: June 3 – July 26 (Finals will be 7/29/19 – 7/31/19)
  2. All courses are online.
  3. Finals are July 27 – July 31.  Students are responsible for scheduling and keeping their finals time (your teacher will get you any finals sign up information you are needing.)
  4. Students can work at their own pace, however courses must be completed by July 26. Each course may have deadlines throughout the summer specified by that teacher.
  5. Students may finish their classes before July 26.
  6. Students must maintain progress throughout the summer session in order to complete the course by July 26.
  7. Students are responsible for alerting teacher when they get “locked out” of their courses or have any technical difficulties that cannot be solved by the student.
  8. Students who are traveling on vacation, camps, etc., need to let their teacher(s) know in advance to keep their online course active. If no activity is seen in the course, the course will be dropped.
  9. Students will need a computer and an internet browser that supports various plugins.
  10. UOS will provide a Help Desk during the summer for issues that arise during the summer program.
  11. Students will need to listen to direct instruction videos
  12. Students will need a notebook and pencil/pen for note taking or enotes.

If you have questions feel free to email Shauna Sparks at ssparks@utahonline.org