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K12 Art Courses

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
Art K7245ListDescription
Art 17245ListDescription
Art 27245ListDescription
Art 37245ListDescription
Art 47245ListDescription
Intermediate Art: American A7245ListDescription
Intermediate Art: American B7245ListDescription
Intermediate Art: World A7245ListDescription
Intermediate Art: World B7245ListDescription


K12 History Courses

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
History K7245ListDescription
History 17260ListDescription
History 210860ListDescription
History 310860ListDescription
History 410860ListDescription
American History Before 186518060ListDescription
American History Since 186518060ListDescription
Utah Studies 7ListDescription
Intermediate World History A: Prehistory Through Middle Ages18060ListDescription
Intermediate World History B: Our Modern Word, 1400 to 191718060ListDescription


Typing Agent

Learn to Type. Love the Fun.

Students will learn:

  • Critical keyboarding skills.
  • How to type code.
  • Internet safety.
  • Introduction to word processing.
  • And more!

Language Arts / Reading

K12 Language Arts Courses

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
Language Arts Blue (K)180120ListDescription
Language Arts Green (1)180120ListDescription
Language Arts Orange (2)180120ListDescription
Language Arts Purple (3)180120ListDescription
Languages Arts 4180120ListDescription
Languages Arts 5180120ListDescription
Intermediate English A (6)18060ListDescription
Intermediate English B (7)18060ListDescription
Literary Analysis and Composition (8)18060ListDescription
Click here for a list of the novels to select from for the reading units 3rd-8th grade. These books are not provided with your materials.

Lexia Reading

Lexia products are centered on a personalized approach to learning that gives students more control over the time, place, path, and pace of their learning. Lexia helps students work independently to develop fundamental reading skills in a structured, sequential manner. Struggling, on-level, and advanced students can each work at their own pace and their teacher is notified when they require support or intervention. Each time a student completes a level within Lexia Reading Core5 or Lexia Strategies the student receives a customized Certificate of Achievement to recognize the student’s accomplishment.

If you want your child to enroll in Lexia, please get in touch with your teacher. You will then receive the information you will need to login to your account.

Lexia Core5 is for students in grades K-5, Lexia Strategies is for students in grades 6 and above.

MARK12 Reading

MARK12 Reading is a three-stage course for students in the third to fifth grades who are reading two or more grades below grade level. The course gives students the opportunity to master missed concepts in a way that accelerates them through the remediation process by incorporating adaptivity and online assessments.

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
Stage One90120ListDescription
Stage Two90120ListDescription
Stage 390120ListDescription


K12 Math Courses

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
Math+ Blue (K)180 (32 YC)45ListDescription
Math+ Green (1)180 (30 YC)60ListDescription
Math+ Orange (2)180 (30 YC)60ListDescription
Math+ Purple (3)180 (30 YC)60ListDescription
Math+ Red (4)180 (30 YC)60ListDescription
Math+ Yellow (5)180 (30 YC)60ListDescription
Intermediate Math A (6)180 (20 YC)60ListDescription
Intermediate Math B (7)180 (19 YC)60ListDescription
Intermediate Math C (8)200 (32 YC)60ListDescription

NOTE: (20 YC) = 20 of the lessons are “Your Choice”

MobyMax Math

Moby Math uses adaptive algorithms to find and fix missing skills with targeted lessons that include “Teach Me” lessons, interactive manipulatives, and targeted practice.

  • Math – Students increase an average of 1.5 grade levels with just 40 hours of practice.
  • Fact fluency – Fact Fluency’s adaptive instruction enables students to develop math fact fluency quickly.
  • Numbers – Number Sense instills a deep, intuitive sense for numbers.

Reflex Math

Reflex helps students of all ability levels to develop fluency with their basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

    • Adaptivity and individualization – Reflex continuously monitors each student’s performance to create the optimal experience for every child.
    • Intuitive and powerful reporting – Educators have everything they need to easily monitor and support student progress in Reflex.
    • Anytime, anwhere access – Students can build fluency with Reflex anywhere there is an Internet connection.
    • Fun – Reflex is game-based and highly motivational so students enjoy the learning process.
    • Outstanding results – Students of all ages and ability levels make great gains with Reflex.

Who should use Reflex?

Any student in grade 2 or above who understands the basic concepts behind the operations (addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division) is ready to start working in Reflex.


K12 Music Courses

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
Spotlight on Music, Kindergarten7245ListDescription
Spotlight on Music, Grade 17245ListDescription
Spotlight on Music, Grade 27245ListDescription
Spotlight on Music, Grade 37240ListDescription
Spotlight on Music, Grade 47240ListDescription
Spotlight on Music, Grade 57240ListDescription


CodeChangers Programming Courses

The CODECHANGERS program offers a self-paced program the supports fun and engaging learning. Students can learn coding for games, apps, websites and software. Programming and building for the IoT (Internet of Things), micro-controllers, electronics, robotics, engineering and more.

Current courses include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • JavaScript


K12 Science Courses

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
Science K7245ListDescription
Science 17260ListDescription
Science 27260ListDescription
Science 37260ListDescription
Science 47260ListDescription
Science 57260ListDescription
Earth Science10860ListDescription
Life Science10860ListDescription
Physical Science10860ListDescription

Sign Language

Signing Time Sign Language

LessonsMinMaterialsScope and Sequence
American Sign Language (Signing Time)VariesVariesSigning Time BinderDescription

World Languages

Rosetta Stone Foundations for K-12 Languages

Rosetta Stone Foundations for K-12 is available in the following languages in Levels 1-3:

HebrewPersian (Farsi)Turkish
Rosetta Stone Foundations for K-12 is available in the following languages in Levels 1-5:

Chinese (Mandarin)English (American)German
Spanish (Spain)English (British)Italian
Spanish (Latin America)FrenchRussian

For further information about Rosetta Stone, click here.