4000+ Students

Utah Online is a solution for thousands of students across the state.

70+ Faculty

Our responsive and caring faculty is 100% dedicated to serving our students.

90%+ Completion Rate

With unparalleled support, Utah Online boasts very high course completion rates.

Program Highlights

K-8 School

  • Students can enroll full or part time and take 1-5 courses.
  • Courses available in areas including: art, history, LA/reading, music, math, science, programming, sign language and world languages.
  • Free computer offered to K-8 students for the duration of their enrollment with Utah Online School.
  • CodeChangers coding courses: Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and more.
  • Rosetta Stone.
  • ALEKS math.
  • Keyboarding Online.
  • Lexia reading.
  • Certified teachers.

High School

  • Students may be enrolled full or part time and make take UOS courses in addition to those at their boundary school.
  • Concurrent enrollment & honors courses.
  • 90% course completion rate.
  • Focused ACT prep course.
  • Pre-test options.
  • Highly responsive faculty and staff with a 12 hour response time on weekdays.
  • Individual student mentoring program.
  • Math tutoring.
  • Credit recovery that is FREE to the school. Students are able to recover as many courses as possible in a quarter for a flat $50.00.
  • Certified teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can my elementary school age student take part-time classes with UOS?
A:  Utah Online allows all students including elementary students to split enroll.

Q:  Can high school students transfer credits earned from a UOS program to a public school?
A:  Yes – additionally, UOS 9-12 curriculum is available both part-time and full-time; this enables students to take individual classes online, while still remaining enrolled in a traditional brick and mortar high school.

Q:  If I home-school students, do I have to create my own curriculum?
A:  No, UOS provides curriculum and training for those who teach at home.

Q:  How much does it cost to enroll in a UOS program?
A:  UOS programs are publicly funded and are completely free to the student.

Q:  How does UOS pay for teachers and courses?
A:  Because UOS is a publicly funded school, all programs are paid through the State and corresponding public school districts.

Q:  Is UOS accredited?
A:  Yes, UOS is fully accredited through the Utah Department of Education and the Northwest Accreditation Commission.