How can I get help with math?

Click on the appropriate button during the designated time to enter the open tutoring sessions. ALL students are welcome to attend any session.

Tutoring Schedule

September 4   First day of tutoring
October 11-12   Fall Break
November 21-23   Thanksgiving Break
December 7   Last day of tutoring for fall
January 7   First day of tutoring spring
January 21   Human Rights Day
February 18   President’s Day
March 11-15   Spring Break
April 19-22   Spring Recess
May 3   Last Day of tutoring spring

    • Attend math tutoring during the hours listed
    • Request a video explanation from your teacher
    • Email your teacher to set up another way of getting help

Teacher Contact Information:

Secondary Math 2, Secondary Math 3
Stacey King 435-319-0926

Secondary Math 1, Pre-Calculus, CE Math 1030, CE Math 1040
Jacob Whetman 435-633-6284

Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Math of Personal Finance
Amy McConkie 435-767-1821