High School Finals

Most finals will be accessed by logging into your Edgenuity account and then navigating to the individual courses.

These are the courses that have final exams in Edgenuity:
Human Physiology, US Government, Individual Studies (Study Skills), Microsoft Office Specialist.

The final for the following courses WILL NOT be in Edgenuity.
They can be access by the corresponding links instead. Select the appropriate link.

*Students who are taking the state test can access it by clicking on the link above or through the link provided in the students’ course in Edgenuity.
The Utah State Board of Education requires all students in General Financial Literacy and FIN 1750 to take the General Financial Literacy Assessment, a proctored final exam, at the end of the course. If the student, with the parent’s consent, chooses not to take it, then an opt-out form, provided by Mrs. Dayely, needs to be completed by the parent and a different assessment will be administered in place of the state test. Students who take the state test will be proctored in St. George by Mrs. Dayley at a specific location, date, and time. If the student does not live in Washington County, he/she will be proctored by a third party, online testing service.

All final exams are cumulative and must be proctored, meaning they will cover all information in the semester and they will be taken in the presence of UOS teachers. Prior to finals week, a link will be sent to students where they can digitally schedule a date, time and location that best fits their circumstances. There will be an option for online proctored finals for those living more that 50 miles from any testing location. The purpose of a final exam is to assess the students’ knowledge of the subject. Not all courses include a final exam. Instructors may assign a term paper or final project, instead of the proctored final. The weighing of the final exam also varies from class to class. The length of the final exams also varies, but in general, the exam will be fewer than 50 questions and take less than an hour to complete. Some teachers will allow students to use a 3×5 index card of notes on both sides during the final, but students should confirm with their teacher before testing. Finals weeks are typically mid-December and mid-May. It is important for students to complete the cumulative exam review prior to taking your final.

In these courses the 3×5 is not allowed:
US Government, FIN 1750, Geography (honors)


Financial Literacy, CE FIN 1750, Driver’s Ed, CE English 1010, Human Physiology, US Government.