Navigating the OLS Recording:

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What to do when the OLS or your internet is down:

  1. Read your favorite book (or a new one that could become a favorite)
  2. Do a science project.
  3. Make cookies and practice fractions, addition, multiplication…
  4. Have a pizza party and practice fractions, subtraction, addition…
  5. Make play dough and make letters, spell words, make sculptures of art prints…
  6. Play a board game with money and practice people skills, addition…
  7. Make a snowman and talk about the differences between circumference, volume, mass, weight, radius, height, etc…
  8. Create a lesson for a P.E. class and then do the lesson.
  9. Do the next page in your math book.
  10. Do any of the lessons from the Student/Teacher Pages that can be done offline.
  11. The literature lessons for the novels in the K12 curriculum can all be done offline.
    Click here for a list of the novels to select from for the reading units (3rd-8th grade).
  12. Visit someone in your neighborhood and ask them about their childhood and the history they lived through
  13. Go on a scavenger hunt to learn or review concepts in science (different plants and their parts…animal groups…) or math (count items…add them…subtract them…) or reading (street names… business signs… license plates)
  14. Draw a picture using food items, carrot as a pen dipped in a sauce, lettuce as a brush or stamp, potato carved to stamp with, apple parts dipped…
  15. Think of something really weird and then do it/act it out/make it/describe it
  16. Create an animal (or other sculpture) out of edible items
  17. Try writing with your feet and talk about disabilities that people may have
  18. Write a letter to a famous person (dead or alive)
  19. Fingerpaint with puddings (good for practicing letters, shapes, spelling…)
  20. If you have a foreign language course, it can also be done independent of K12 if you request the student’s username and password from your support teacher.