ACT Prep, offered by Utah Online, is a study course which absolutely helps students prepare for and better under the real ACT Test.  The course, which is free for students to take, is divided into four sections – Math, Science, English, and Reading- just like students will experience on the actual ACT Test.

Additionally, each section gives students a diagnostic pre-test that assesses their knowledge of the types of questions that will be on the ACT test.  After taking this test, the program will adjust the course and tailor it to the individual needs of each student and the areas where he/she needs to focus their efforts. A second test will be given at the end of each section so that students can gauge their overall mastery and growth.

The course is created, facilitated and monitored by an experienced Utah-licensed teacher with a Master’s degree in Education.  Parents/Guardians and students will receive helpful and timely communication as well as testing information such as:

* How is your student progressing in the course

* Data and encouragement about the ACT test and its benefits

* Blueprints for each section of the ACT test (number of questions, time allotted, types of questions students can expect)

* Individual feedback and help within the course

If you have further questions, please contact