These are things that can be done while you are waiting for your materials to arrive.  Keep track of any portions of the lessons that are skipped due to the lack of materials so you can go back and complete them once the materials arrive.


Some of the courses have a lot of the lessons done online.  History is a good one to do online.  Math would be another one to try while you wait.  Most math courses begin with reviews of previously learned concepts so have them do those lessons and then just keep track of the pages in the math text that are not done.  Once the textbooks arrive, check the skipped pages with the student to see whether or not they still need to practice those objectives or just continue where they are at.

Novel Units

Find one of the “you need to make a choice” reading units in the language arts literature course, pick the novel and do that unit.  (3rd-8th Grade)

To make your novel selection:

  • Login to your OLS
  • Select courses and choose literature.
  • Select the drop down unit list on the left hand side.
  • Look for one of the units titled “you need to make a choice.”  (Typically there are 4-5 units per course.)
  • Look at the list of books.  Choose a book to do that unit on and check it out from your local library.
  • Return to that unit to pass off lessons and complete assessments.

Print Pages

All of the pages from the student and teacher workbooks are also links on the online lessons.  You can print these off for lessons that are done before the workbooks arrive.


Check for offline projects and experiments that can be completed with household items that are not included in the curriculum materials.  Art and science are good courses to check.