I used to wait, daily, for the phone call that might come from my son’s school.  My 4th grader was struggling. He found it so hard to focus…and when he was feeling insecure, he tended to get himself into trouble. I was distraught over his lack of confidence, and lost as far as what I should do.

UOS has been such a great solution for us. We can work on our own time schedule and there aren’t the outside distractions. My son is able to focus and work at his own speed. He loved receiving his supplies in the mail and felt directly connected to his new learning process. He was so excited to get started.

The math program, ALEKS math, has been wonderful. He has made so much progress because of the simplicity of the explanations. I love how it doesn’t let him move forward until he has grasped the concept.  He has discovered that math can be fun and not always so intimidating. He has absorbed what he has learned and his confidence is soaring!

The READ LIVE program has been such an amazing help for him. Watching his reading scores improve so greatly was so rewarding as a parent, but seeing him enjoy reading again and watching his comprehension and speed improve so much, right before my eyes, was something I thought I would never see.

My son was struggling emotionally and behaviorally because of his inability to function in a traditional classroom environment, due to his learning disabilities. I have seen such improvements in just over three months. He has fun learning again. He looks forward to his challenges and feels like he is succeeding. He went from making excuses to stay home from school and saying how “dumb” he feels, to believing he is smart again. He is my child again and the light in his eyes is back. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

Utah Online School has been the perfect solution for us. Being able to take necessary breaks and work at our own pace with a structured curriculum  has been amazing and empowering. We feel supported and in charge of our process. Yes, it has been more work for me. However, it has saved my peace of mind. We are able to get our work done and we aren’t struggling with homework at night. I am able to help my son learn in an environment and structured program he so needed. I am beyond grateful for UOS. I feel like it has made learning fun again!

CarrieUOS Parent

I wanted to just take a moment to just say how amazing Utah online is. I continue to just be so impressed with the professional level that exists with every teacher and supporting staff. The number one quality that I find so effective with my kids is the ‘I’ve got your back’ quality that each teacher and mentor imbues in their emails, texts and phone calls. The special education that my autistic son receives is invaluable and I feel so supported in this area. I don’t know how Utah online does it, but you all seem to maintain that perfect balance of creating academic excellence while allowing that which home education has as its asset, individuality and flexibility. Even as some of my kids fall short of that mark of excellence, I am so grateful for this option for my kids and the support you all are so willing to give. I will continue to strive to do my part as a home learning coach and educator and appreciate the support everyone at UOS gives to motivate me to do and be better.

Thank you for all you do, UOS educators!!

MicheleUOS Parent

I attended public school until the beginning of my Sophomore year of High School. I loved the classes I was attending, but we were learning the material slowly to accommodate kids that weren’t quite getting the concepts. My mom had mentioned the possibility of being Online Schooled. One day I came home extremely frustrated and I told my mom to sign me up. I loved it! It was perfect for me. UOS was a great match for my needs and I am happy to say that I graduated as Valedictorian from UOS in 2014!

KaitlinUOS Student

We wouldn’t be able to do all the things we do well without the ability to homeschool. You really do have an impact on our lives. I know that we are quiet on a weekly basis, but it isn’t because we aren’t appreciative or that we don’t realize the work that you do every day to help us.

Just wanted you to know! A big thank you from the Shiba family!

Maggie is green belt state champ in sparring and silver medalist in Forms.

Grace is Utah State Cadet Black Belt Champion in Sparring and Forms.

MaggieUOS Student

Utah Online has allowed us to move at our own pace, since my children are very gifted in some subjects and very challenged in others. We can focus where they need the most time and attention. It was also a lifesaver when we had to relocate during the school year. Gave us flexibility we needed, and our teacher was so great to work with us on whatever we needed. And best of all, my kids didn’t have to switch schools!

Jonah and LiamUOS Students

Hi, I’m Chris and I love Utah Online! I have been a student here since 2009. I have several medical and neurological issues that make traditional school a nightmare for me. With Utah Online I can work at my own pace and at my own level. If I don’t feel up to school in the morning, I can wait til the afternoon or evening when I feel better. If I have to travel for appointments, I just pack my laptop and my classroom is where ever I need it to be.

ChrisUOS Student

I love schooling with Utah Online! My husband got a job in China and we were able to continue her schooling from Beijing!

EmilyUOS Parent

UOS provides unparalleled flexibility and encourages personal growth and development.

JadaUOS Parent

We love schooling with UOS! We are from Utah but currently live in Brazil. We school in the morning and spend the afternoon surfing, collecting seashells and playing soccer! When we were making the decision to move to Brazil, I knew there would not be a good schooling option for my children. UOS has given us the confidence and flexibly to live our dream to live in Brazil while giving our children a fantastic schooling experience!

JulieUOS Parent

We were hoping to do some form of home schooling and this has been a fabulous option because I am not on my own as a parent figuring out curriculum and buying books. I also love that when my son already knows stuff, we can move ahead without waiting for an entire class to catch on.

LizUOS Parent

We love schooling with Utah Online! They offer great curriculum through k12.com. We also enjoy the flexibility Utah Online offers, which allows us to spend quality time together and vacation throughout the school year. Although we choose to do most of our book learning at home, we love learning and applying what we’ve learned as we explore the world around us.

MichelleUOS Parent

I love the flexibility of teaching my children at their own pace and level. My son is very advanced and is able to school a year ahead of his supposed grade level. He would be so bored in a traditional school. This way he is challenged and more advanced. I also like that kids can work hard and have the curriculum from the next school year early. Then they have the summer to work on another grade level rather than forgetting everything they just learned.

NicholasUOS Parent

I love Utah Online! It allows me as a parent to be involved in the learning and growth of my child. I have seen both my 5th and 8th grader improve in Reading and Math.

TallonUOS Parent

Zane loves that he can find time to be a cowboy!

ZaneUOS Parent

At the age of three I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. My joints were always aching and hurting, and I couldn’t move as fast as I would have liked. As I grew up in the public school system, I found it harder and more painful to walk long distances between my classes. I decided to give online schooling a try. UOS is a great fit for me. I’m able to get my school work done and exercise at my own pace and in my own time. I don’t have to worry about being tardy because of my condition and I am on time every time.

KassidyUOS Student