UOS Chime Choir

Utah Online would like to celebrate the 8th annual performance of it’s own Chime Choir at the St. George Dicken’s Festival. Utah Online is so proud of its student’s achievements! Students can be seen performing (and showing some school spirit!) in the featured image. Way to go!

24 Hours of Code Camp

Utah Online students recently participated in the annual 24 hours of code camp held at Dixie State University. Students were challenged to code a project in the programming language of their choice within a 24 hour time constraint. Please view the full article below.

ST. GEORGE — ‘The processor is a Ryzen 1600X, it’s graphics card is a GTX 1080, it’s got 16 gig of DDR4 RAM … the processor speed is 3.6 Gigahertz and it can turbo to 4.1.’

Gibberish? Not in the slightest. That is Ethan Excell, describing the computer he built and was utilizing in this year’s Southern Utah Code Camp.

Source: What these kids do in 24 hours of Code Camp is awesome

Recognizing UOS Student Poetry

Utah Online would like to recognize the achievement of one of its students, Kendri B. who received an honorable mention in a recent youth poetry contest. This contest featured students from 24 different schools and was judged by Dixie Poets members. Her poem has been included in this announcement.

For interested students, there is an upcoming annual Student Chaparral Poetry contest that is due by December 5th (with cash prizes), go HERE for more information. We’ve had several UOS students who have participated in previous years past and have won!

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New Website

Utah Online School is happy to debut its new website designed with user experience in mind to make the content our families need more readily available.